6 Tips For Identifying A Termite Infestation

It’s not a bug that bites you, spreads illness, itches you, or contaminates your food that presents the large threat to residential homes. Instead, pest control is a bug that stealthily undermines the strength of your house’s structure. Once they’ve made it into a house, they are difficult to find and much more difficult to get rid of. Because of this, the best way to guard against costly termite damage to a property is to keep it free of termites in the first place.

Termite protection tips for homes are provided in the following six ways for Termite Control. To get a free inspection, get in touch with our pest control business right away!

Termite Infestation

Know The Termite Signs

Early spotting of termite activity around the property can help homeowners in taking the compulsory insurance to halt an infestation before it’s too late. Common signs of termite activity include the following:

  • Termite wings discarded
  • the termite faeces
  • Outside of the house, mud tubes
  • The drywall has minute cracks.
  • Sagging drywall
  • Furniture and wall designs that resemble a maze
  • spotty wood
  • actual termites

Call one of our pest control specialists for termite treatment as soon as you spot any of these indicators in or around your house!

Cut back on the moisture around the house.

Moisture attracts termites, and they are more likely to soil that is damp. Therefore, it is advisable to remove any surplus water around the foundation of your property. 

Make sure there are no leaks coming from your home’s sprinklers, pipes, or air conditioners to achieve this. Verify that water is being directed away from the foundation of your property.

Store Wood Sufficiently

Your firewood needs to be kept properly for termite control, whether you have a special fireplace or merely like to gather around bonfires on cold winter nights. The main rule is to never keep firewood or any other type of wood material up against the house’s exterior.

Cut back the bushes.

Overgrown vegetation can similarly aid termites in avoiding risks and facilitating easier entry into a house, as can firewood stored against a home’s façade. Enlarge airflow around the exterior of the property will reduce any moisture that could collect there.

Sparingly used mulch

Mulch is a large addition to a backyard garden. Unfortunately, termites find mulch quite alluring. Mulch is not the most nutrient-rich material for them, but its volume to retain moisture makes it much more appealing.

A termite inspection appointment

Scheduling routine termite inspections by a licensed professional is the best way to stop termite infestations. Before any damage to your house occurs, routine treatments and observation by a pest specialist may help limit and manage concerns that may appear. We at Termite Control and Professional Pest Control provide complete house termite treatment solutions that can aid in avert subsurface and dry wood termite decay. To find out more about our pest control service, contact us right away! We will provide you with the best services as soon as possible.