How To Get Rid Of Squirrels Around You

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Squirrels are known for their bushy tails and hiding nature. These are the common creatures that can be found everywhere. But some people cannot estimate the threats these furry organisms can pose. Unlike rodents, squirrels are not known for spreading diseases in human beings. But they can cause significant damage to your property. If you are one of the sufferers of squirrel infestations, you can call Pest Control Kellyville for specifically treating them.

Let us learn a few things about squirrel habits, it’s threats and how to prevent them.

Squirrel Habits:

Squirrels usually known as rodents and have bushy tails, slender bodies and elegant eyes. They are omnivores organisms. Depending on the species, squirrels are found in different forest types, building nests with the help of leaves, twigs etc. 

During winters, some squirrels take shelter in tree holes while others find their way into buildings and structures such as residential homes. If you find them entering your property, don’t be late to connect to a local Pest Control Kellyville expert. They can help you save your property from significant damage.

How Squirrels Can Damage Your Property

Like rats and mice, squirrels can make considerable damage to your property. They can chew on various materials. In attics, they create holes causing damage to the insulation. They can even feed on electrical wirings. Furthermore, its urine and faeces leave a very unpleasant odour in its surroundings.

Squirrel Prevention:

To protect your home from squirrels, you need to learn preventive measures. Follow the below tips to prevent their invasion:

  1. Screen vents and chimney openings regularly.
  2. Seal the entry points such as small cracks or openings around doors and windows.
  3. Dispose of the garbage regularly using properly sealed containers.
  4. Regularly trim the tree limbs.
  5. Make sure you pick or dispose of the ripe fruit promptly.
  6. Store the food in airtight containers.

Are You Suspecting A Squirrel Problem?

If you discover or suspect any kind of squirrel problem in or around your home, contact a pest control expert in Kellyville immediately. Although squirrels may seem cute to you, they can extremely harm your property. 

To remove squirrels from your home or attic is very difficult and can be dangerous, as squirrels are known for biting when threatened. Therefore, consider an expert for such issues. If you are in search of a local squirrel control expert in Glen Iris, you can call Pest Control Kellyville.